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Thanks to the inherent strength and high-performance of aluminium, the demand for aluminium conservatories has increased rapidly in recent years. Interseal has been at the forefront of this resurgence, designing and installing for customers throughout the Plymouth region. Aluminium conservatories tend to have slim, elegant frames that lend a modern edge to the traditional style. Alternatively, these conservatories can be built with sturdier frames for a more contemporary feel.

Often featuring large panes of glass, aluminium conservatories offer clear visibility and provide a sunlight-filled space. Interseal offer a wide range of aluminium designs and options, allowing you to make the most of this sturdy, no-nonsense material. Our team of conservatory specialists in Plymouth will make personalised recommendations on what option is best for you.

Why choose an aluminium conservatory?

Installing an aluminium conservatory is a smart choice for any homeowner. The benefits include:

  • Flexible style: can be slim and modern or bold and statement
  • Sturdy material that will stand the test of time
  • Thin frame allows for large panes and glass and thus more light
  • Strong
  • Thermal efficiency

A note on thermal efficiency

Aluminium conservatories have unfairly gained a reputation for poor insulation. Choices regarding the glass, flooring and roof in your conservatory all play a big part in the thermal efficiency of your conservatory. Advances in technology now mean that aluminium-framed conservatories now meet the same insulation standards as traditional timber and uPVC. Interseal uses the most modern and thermal efficient process in all of our conservatories. Our experts at can advise you on the best option for your conservatory.

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