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For windows that are easy to operate and will bring a touch of classic styling to your home, you can’t go past casement windows. Casement windows are mounted on side hinges and open vertically, usually by means of a hand operated crank. As they can be opened more fully than any other window design, casement windows are the perfect choice for those who prefer to ventilate their home. Interseal offers you a wide selection of quality casement windows at our showroom in Plymouth. If you’re still unsure, our specialist glaziers will consult with you on the spot to ascertain which windows will best suit your home.

Energy efficient, secure and stylish

Casement windows are one of the most energy efficient window designs as their airtight seals provide great insulation against the elements. As casement windows feature locks built into the frames, they are also one of the most secure window designs on offer. At our Plymouth showroom, you can browse our selection of casement windows and get top tips from our expert staff.

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