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Whilst conservatories are a great investment due to their timeless style and Interseal’s high-quality installations, sometimes you may want to make changes. Whether your conservatory is too hot, too noisy or if it’s leading to higher heating bills due to poor installation, the conservatory specialists at Interseal can help.

Book a free consultation with our team today and we’ll listen to your needs, recommending a conservatory conversion that’ll work for you with minimal hassle.  If you’re looking to modernise an older conservatory, our team would be happy to talk to you as we can carry out conservatory conversions even on designs that aren’t our own.

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Every conservatory conversion is different in that they work to meet the exact needs of the homeowner, but over the years Interseal have recognised that there are recurring issues. Interseal can carry out conservatory conversions for homeowners across Plymouth and the South West.

My conservatory is too hot

Poor temperature control in your conservatory can mean that you do not get to enjoy your sunlit space as much as you might like. Interseal can work with you to change your conservatory roof style to a more thermal-efficient tiled system, ensuring that you can comfortably use your conservatory throughout the blistering summer heat and the freezing winter months.

My conservatory loses heat

If your heating bills are soaring due to the poor insulation of your conservatory, then look no further than the conservatory conversion specialists at Interseal. We’ll minimise the escape of heat to keep heating bills down and to keep you warm and cosy even in the bitterest parts of winter.

My conservatory is too loud

The sound of the whistling wind or the pattering rain can be amplified in older conservatories. With modern advances and materials, Interseal can convert your conservatory roof to ensure that sounds are muffled and you can unwind in peace.

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