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Sliding sash windows are the perfect blend of both high-performance modern functionality and convenience, with the aesthetic charm that has historically made sash windows so popular. We offer a broad range of styles and material options for sliding sash windows, making it possible to find something to match every home and environment. Whether you live in a traditional British home, or in a more modern property, adding sliding sash windows will not only improve the look and functionality of your property, it will also add value.

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With the many options available for customising a sash windows installation, in particular the various materials and styles available to choose from, there is a sash window installation to suit every property. We understand that investing money in your property can be an anxious process, it isn’t until everything is done and dusted that you can relax. Our sales team know sliding sash windows inside and out and will be able to advise you and answer any questions that you have.

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Have a look through our gallery of properties which already have Interseal sliding sash windows installed. These photos are a great way to get inspired with ideas for your own home.

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